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✳️Lets face it - Trying to do the bookkeeping for your business is probably one of the nastiest, repetitive, and cumbersome tasks that you will have to do. 

✳️A lot of the time trying to be caught up with bookkeeping is almost an impossible task and most business owners get left behind. 

✳️Don't worry, we don't judge you, we work quick, and get you caught up ASAP!

✳️We have found a streamlined, fast, and efficient way to get your papers pdf bank/credit card statements into our accounting system and we will be able to create your financial reports in no time!
What will be included in your free year
  • Accurate, On Time, and Audit Proof Financial Statements - Say goobye to worries from the CRA! We will help you produce and respond to the CRA
  • Sales Tax? Yeah, you’ll receive a full sales tax audit report and we will be able to identify the high risk transactions so we can begin to make sure we have all the documentation in case of a review
  • Bank Rec’s will be matched to the T, and we will complete the filing for you or we can send it to your Accountant and liase with them as necessary
  • We’ll help you get in control of your Accounts Receivable and Payables without having to do all that nasty manual data entry
  • If you have employee’s, we have devised the easiest way to calculate and remit to your staff and the CRA
  • Very easy to use, automated, efficient, web based accounting software that will allow you to grow your business with ease
  • ​These are just a few examples of what is included. Apply Now to find out more.
Helping small businesses achieve their dreams
is our passion.

We get your business set up and running
smoothly on Xero with training and support
tailored to your needs.

You’ll receive personal attention and prompt
responses to your phone calls and emails.

We collaborate, educate and build an ongoing
relationship with you.
Why Sansar Solutions?

Sansar Solutions uses cutting edge softwares and solutions, that allow for cloud storage of your documents, that then make it there through the click of a picture off of your phone which leads to that information automatically being transferred onto your accounting software without paying for manual labor! By reducing tasks as such on your file, you will empower your business by having your bookkeeper possess more hours to do tasks which will help your business GROW and PROSPER! 
What is Bank Reconciliation?
What our clients say

“So glad we found Sansar Solutions for our bookkeeping services. Prior to switching to Sansar our books were regularly out of sorts. Not only are we fully compliant, we have even improved our bottom line as it is much easier to view our profit margins and see what is and isn’t working for us. Our proformas are also more accurate. The service is excellent, our only regret is that we didn’t find Gurdeep earlier. I would without hesitation, recommend Sansar Solutions for your accounting and bookkeeping needs.”

-Sunny Gill with Highstone Developments

“I would recommend Sansar Solutions as your firm for any fast growing business. It is a full service experience, at reasonable costs, and they use modern cloud technology as the backbone so it scales as you grow. 

So glad I don’t ever have to deal with quickbooks or simply accounting ever again. I love how Xero integrates with mind body and other tools like Receipt Bank. Reduces so much administrative burden.”

-Ben Singh with Fit Nation

I’ve had nothing but nightmares when it came to bookkeeping/getting audited. When I first met Gurdeep I was a bit skeptical with the claims he was making with making our accounting department more efficient/hands free. Our biggest issues was not being able to complete our books quickly and accurately to be able to file for our GST credit every month which left us low on cash flow. Another big issue we had was not having complete control over our inventory.
Xero solved our GST issue amazingly, we can now file GST on 1st day of each month and it has been better than any accounting software we’ve ever used. One issue we had was the inventory capabilities of Xero were not as robust as we needed it to be. We really liked the fact Gurdeep would be able to connect other apps that we need or create custom ones.
So glad to have Sansar Solutions taking care of our accounting department.

-Bali Sandhu with Royal Emerald Motors

Great firm to deal with. Professionals in this field.

-Rachel Chand and Sonny Mahal with Nando's Chicken Kerrisdale
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